Should I use my Swaddlou as soon as I bring my baby home from the hospital?

Yes, if possible! Although swaddling your baby using just a swaddling blanket may work for the first few weeks, your baby will grow quickly, and that swaddling blanket just won't do for very long. Although you won't need all the security your Swaddlou has to offer right away, it won't take long before you do. Getting your baby accustomed to it as soon as possible is a good idea.

Will my baby instantly love his/her Swaddlou?

Many babies are instantly soothed by the stretch compression of their Swaddlou. Other’s take a few nights to get used to it. A consistent schedule helps when introducing something new to your baby’s routine. As your baby gets used to the Swaddlou, they will associate it with a comforting hug and soon look forward to putting it on! Eventually your baby will know that when they are in their Swaddlou, it means “time to sleep”.

What Size Should I Order?

Swaddlou’s are made for baby’s 0-6 months old (or until your baby shows signs of rolling over). There are 3 sizes, depending on your baby's weight. In most cases, one size should be all you will need from birth until they are ready for an arms-out transition swaddle or sleep sack.

SMALL: 6-14 lbs.

MEDIUM:  8-17 lbs.

LARGE:  10-20 lbs.

If my baby is in-between sizes, do you recommend sizing up?

We do NOT recommend sizing up. Swaddlou is designed for a snug, swaddling fit and has a great amount of stretch. As your baby grows stronger, the swaddlou will stretch, keeping your growing baby securely swaddled until he or she is ready to transition to an arms-out transition swaddle or sleepsack.


Should I use my Swaddlou for bedtime, naps, or both?

We recommend you use your Swaddlou for both naps and at bedtime! As a matter of fact, you will probably want to use your Swaddlou so much that you will have a hard time getting it washed! That's why we offer the value package of 2 Swaddlou's.

What is the Moro and Startle reflex and how does a compression swaddle help?

The Moro reflex is often incorrectly called the Startle reflex because it usually occurs when a baby is startled by a loud sound or movement. In response to the sound, the baby throws back his or her head, extends out his or her arms and legs, cries, then pulls the arms and legs back in. The Moro reflex usually lasts until the baby is between 3-6 months old. Technically speaking, the Startle reflex is different than the Moro reflex. Instead of a "throwing back" reflex found in the Moro reflex, the Startle reflex is a flexing, or pulling forward reaction to a loud sound or movement. The Startle reflex persists throughout life.

Regardless of whether your baby is experiencing a Moro reflex or Startle reflex, swaddling makes you baby feel more secure and restricts your baby’s movements. Your baby can’t extend his or her arms out while swaddled. Therefore, a compression swaddle helps to reduce both reflexes.

How should I care for my Swaddlou?

Swaddlou is made of 100% American made, soft, breathable, organic cotton and lycra fabric.  Machine wash hot, dry medium.  Fabric softener is not necessary as organic cotton gets softer with washing.  Oxy bleach and hot iron if needed.

How should I dress my baby while wearing the Swaddlou?

Swaddlou is a breathable fabric, perfect for your baby’s temperature regulation. Your baby should wear appropriate weighted clothing for the temperature of their warm or cool sleep environment.

If my baby can roll but they cannot roll in the Swaddlou, can I still use it?

It may be tempting, but the answer is NO, you should not use the Swaddlou if your baby shows any signs of rolling.

Should I let my baby cry?

We think sleep consultant Taking Cara Babies says it best in her "My Story" video, on the topic of crying:

"Crying doesn’t always mean that something is wrong. Crying can also be a way a baby communicates – saying I don’t know how to fall asleep. Your baby’s tears may just be tears of change and frustration. The tears will always tug at the heart however, sleep is not an option for your baby. It is necessary for proper brain development and growth... as a Mom, you know best... You may need to let your baby cry to fall asleep." 

What is Swaddlou’s Exchange and Return Policy?

Please email us if you would like to make an exchange or return. We offer 30 day refunds or exchanges (minus shipping fees).