Our Story

Blessed with 4 girls in 4 years, I tried every swaddle under the sun, looking for the perfect baby swaddle.

Traditional swaddle blankets worked at first, but not for long. As my little "Houidini’s” grew bigger and stronger they would soon wiggle free, never making it through a full night of sleep.

Swaddles bound with Velcro attempt to solve the problem, but they are not as comforting as a stretchy swaddle blanket. And zipped sleep sacks alone did not have sufficient compression.

In my opinion, sleep deprivation is one of the most difficult things about being a Mom. With twins, two toddlers, and a full-time job, I needed sleep. And for that I needed a better swaddle.

One night, with two babies awake from wiggling out of their swaddles, I "double swaddled" them... meaning, I used two swaddles on each baby. First, I swaddled each twin in my favorite swaddle blanket. Then, I put each twin in their own zipped sleep sack for extra security and compression.

The result was amazing! They both stayed swaddled and asleep all night long!

I knew I was onto something. That night of inspiration began my design of the Swaddlou.  I get my entrepreneurial spirit from my mom. She made the first two prototypes and my twins slept in the swaddles every naptime and bedtime until they were ready to roll over. It was the only swaddle that worked for me! 

I loved my “Double the Swaddle” design, but my decision to move forward with Swaddlou was solidified with the help of my twins. Remember how I said I ordered every swaddle under the sun? Well, to be sure that my swaddle design really did work better than every other swaddle, I tested it against all those other swaddles… I put one baby in one of the other swaddles, and one baby in the Swaddlou. Without fail, the baby in the Swaddlou would sleep longer. It was crystal clear the effectiveness of the Swaddlou compared to other swaddles!

After the twin test, I pursued a design patent. Manufacturing followed shortly thereafter and Swaddlou was born! Today, our patent-pending design is available to moms like me, looking for a better baby swaddle and a little more sleep.